5 Interior Decorating Tips for this Fall

MATERIA’s one year anniversary is coming up this October, just in time for turkey dinners and fall decorating!  

We have so much to be thankful for this year, new beginnings, a great team of designers and some fabulous projects on the go. We thought we would celebrate by providing our readers with our top 5 decorating tips to get you in the Fall mood.


Pumpkins are great because you can use them for the whole month of October from Thanksgiving straight through to Halloween.  We love Painted Pumpkins, Glitter Pumpkins, Metallic Painted Pumpkins and even Industrial Metal Pumpkins!  Try Grouping different sizes and types together. What is your favorite way to decorate with Pumpkins?



Candles are one of our favorites, this could be an all year thing, all you need to do is change the scent to fit the mood add a little bit of additional accessories around them and you are all set.  Cranberries and cinnamon, what more can you ask for?



We love to change out our entry mats with the season. It adds a bit of character to your entry and is a great first greeting to your guests. We especially love the idea if you have a generic Welcome mat to add a secondary one underneath to dress it up, this base mat could change out colour and pattern to provide different looks.



If you are like us; you love to decorate with toss pillows. Toss Pillows are a great seasonal accessory that you can change out with the season.  All you need is the one insert and get a few different coveres and you can change them out for fall, winter, spring and summer!  Take a look at a few of our favorite Fall Pillows.



Wall Art, Throws Wreaths and additional accessories are also a really great way to get creative, we love using mason jars and adding some lights within so why not get some glass pumpkins and add some string lights, what a great piece to add to the table setting. We also love warm cozy throws to snuggle with when sitting in front of an open fire.


Eat, Drink and Be Thankful, Happy Thanksgiving from the Team at MATERIA!