Trestle Ridge Spec Homes

At MATERIA, we love working with builders to create beautiful show homes as well as stunning spec homes. You may be asking yourself, what’s the difference between a show home and a spec home.  

Modern white custom kitchen

Modern white custom kitchen

A show home is a new custom home where a builder will build a home, furnish and accessorize it in order to showcase their work to prospective buyers.  This is truly a dream opportunity for any designer as we get to push the boundaries of design a little bit in order to show what is new and unique in interior finishes and space planning.  A builder will typically keep the show home open for a few years as a ‘model home’.

Main Entrance of Spec Home

Main Entrance of Spec Home

The project photos we are showcasing today are for two spec homes that we worked with Impact Builders to develop.  The reason they are called Spec Homes instead of show homes is that they are built to be sold. The homes are not furnished and are hopefully sold upon completion of the build.


Why would a builder work with an interior designer on either a show home or a spec home? This is the builders opportunity to show buyers what they can do, the quality of the build and attention to detail is what clients are looking for. People are also looking for what’s new in interior finishes, space planning, plumbing, and lighting.  

MATERIA strives to show buyers what is possible, we are always looking at what can we do to make someone say, “I never would have thought of that, but I love it!” Reason why the builders we work with choose to work over and over with MATERIA Interior Design Team.




With the following two projects, we worked with different materials and textures to create two completely different homes.

We believe your home is where everything begins. That’s why we love custom residential design. A well-designed space, with your personal needs in mind, will have a significant impact on your life. Small and large, we love the challenges of all our projects.

If you are a builder or are looking at building your next home, feel free to contact us for an initial consult.


Project Type:  Residential Spec Home

Value at: $8,000,000 (combined)

Size: 4509 sq. ft each home

Builder: Impact Builders

Location: Kestrel Ridge, Kelowna BC

Project Year: 2018 Completion

Cabinetry: Norelco Cabinets

Lighting Supplier: Lights on Banks

Floor and Wall Finishes: Small’s Tile

Interior Photography: Francisco Carreón